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What is the difference between a video encoder and a video capture card, you know?

Video encoders and video capture cards are webcast devices, but the difference between the two is more obvious. Here, Haiwei Video Xiaobian takes you to understand.

Video encoder

1. The processing of video collection is different. The video encoder comes with a network interface and can be coded and pushed autonomously. The video capture card must be used with a computer to achieve results.

2, the application field is different, although both can do webcasting, but there are also differences in the field of use. The network video encoder has strong independent encoding and transmission capability, so in a relatively large-scale video conference, network conference, etc. It is better to use webcasting with products such as HD camcorders. The video capture card is more suitable for media friends, live broadcasts, small video conferences and other occasions.

3. The protocol for pushing video between the two is different. The video encoder needs to configure the RTMP-related server address and other content in order to implement video push. The video capture card directly collects the video to the computer and then pushes it through the software.


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