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How to use SRT and Haiwei P-P?

How to use SRT and Haiwei P-P?


SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), developed by Haivision, a great SECURED, high quality, and low latency protocol for video transmission, perfectly solved the shortage of RTMP- transmitting H.265 feeds over internet, a shining star of the video streaming industry.

As a leading video streaming hardware developer in China, Haiwei aims to provide innovative solutions for the market, we deployed the SRT for both the encoders and decoders since 2017 when it came to market as an open sources protocol on GitHub.

New customer or new SRT user? The introduction will be explained here based on HAIWEI’s encoder and decoder.

Two conditions:

1-        1- Encoder to Decoder

If just need to use it in the intranet, login the encoder, SRT function displays on the bottom of “HDMI main”, the decoder displays SRT function on the “Decoder”.



Tips: Set the Encoder side (sending) as Listener, decoder side (receiving) as Caller, if set Encoder side as Caller, the decoder should be Listener. At present Rendezvous not supported!

(1st- Encoder, 2nd- Decoder)

2- To server

There are many different servers in the market, here we use WOWZA as an instance


Once the encoder network configuration completed, Enter Wowza stream engine to get the server IP, then fill the Server IP, port, latency, and encryption information based on your requirements.

3- Encoder- Server- Decoder

There are many different servers in the market, here we use WOWZA as an instance, here we start with the feeds that already started streaming (like the above topic- 2- To Server)


Make sure the stream target function is On.


The P-P/ P2P is a HAIWEI proprietary protocol that based on the Pass-Through Technology, it enables directly sending feeds to P-P server and then forward it to another dedicated device, the workflow ike the following figure



1- Q: How many connections can be handled?

A: At most five online transmission can be simultaneously handled.

2- Q: Where is the server located?

A: The dedicated server is a cloud server based in Shenzhen, but the transmission effect can be promised because of edge computing technology.

3- Q: Why doesn’t it work?

A: To make the function works, the first step is to make sure the network environment is working properly, and both the Encoder and Decoder are properly configured.


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