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Facebook Live Streaming

What is facebook streaming?

"As announced last April, all live video uploads will be required to use RTMPS (RTMP over a TLS/SSL connection) by May 1, 2019, and it's important that developers take the time to ensure that their integration is compliant before this date." from facebook

we can easily understand that RTMP will not be available for facebook streaming sicne May 1, 2019, and secured step added for the streaming. Facebook streaming acting as one of the most famous public streaming platform in the world, people could share their events easily on the facebook via phone or over an encoder.

How to send feeds to facebook?

There are many different solutions in the market for facebook live streaming, software solution like OBS, Vmix and so forth, we can use camera, or capture box for those applications.

As one of the leader of the video streaming solution innovator in China, we developed our encoders for the Facebook live streaming when RTMPS released earlier last year. here are some details of the configuration for customers

Instrctions for facebook live

Once we get the encoder configured (network configuration completed), we can get our streaming key on the facebook page

Then paste the server URL and stream key on the encoder RTMP filed rtmps://live-api-s.facebook.com:443/rtmp/253265096036****

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