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Huawei Release 4K UHD Video Network Solution Supporting MSOs in IP Video Evolution

Huawei released the 4K ultra–high definition (UHD) video network solution for multiple system operators (MSOs), and demonstrated 4K UHD video, 4K multi-screen TV, and converged video delivery of traditional CATV and IPTV based on hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) networks. This solution will support MSOs in realizing their all-IP video evolution.

Huawei’s 4K UHD solution covers core components including the video operation and delivery platform, bearer network device, converged fiber-coaxial access platform, and video terminal. It allows MSOs to achieve E2E IP video evolution and meets consumers’ demands for UHD and personalized multi-screen videos.

Huawei’s 4K UHD video network solution has the following advantages:

Converged video operation and delivery: Huawei has developed a unified cloud-based converged video platform, and new-generation fixed-mobile video broadcasting and content delivery technologies. Based on this platform and technologies, MSOs are able to deploy IP-based converged videos and multi-screen services comprehensively, and provide consistent personalized video viewing experience, thereby increasing attractiveness and values of video services.

UHD video bearing: Huawei has released a distributed converged cable access platform (D-CCAP) based on the HFC networks. This platform supports high-performance DOCSIS 3.1 access, and delivers the industry’s largest access bandwidth of 10 Gb/s. By using this platform, MSOs can deploy IP-based omnimedia services which require high bandwidth and low latency, such as 4K UHD videos, 360° panoramic videos, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and smart home. Huawei also provides a converged bearer network solution. This solution supports various access modes based on the cloud, bears multiple services, supports ultra-large capacity, consumes ultra-low power, and enables visualized O&M. By using this solution, operators are capable of rapidly reducing operating expense (OPEX), and increasing competitiveness.

Smooth IP video evolution: This solution supports both IP videos and traditional CATV videos, and enables converged delivery of CATV and IPTV videos. Moreover, Huawei’s D-CCAP platform supports the bearing of CATV and IPTV over DOCSIS, allowing MSOs to realize IP video evolution smoothly.


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