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S101 Streaming media server for intranet transmission

About the S-101 streaming media server

The S-101  is a high-performance, high-reliability streaming media server that granted the capability of 2Gbps data processing and multi-protocol and multi-format video stream forwarding by the latest ARM architecture and powered by Amologic; it is a Low-cost solution for various streaming media distribution required scenarios like City hall, Campus, Remote Teaching, CCTV, Video conference and so forth.

The streaming media server allowed receiving RTMP feeds from anywhere and output HLS, or restream different feeds (from RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, SRT to RTMP out), Can be used under intranet or over internet without port forwarding one by one while the DDNS technology is integrated.

What can this gear do for your workflow ?

1- Multiple streaming feeds transmission

The device is a gear that can be used as middleware of the streaming media system as there is distribution function integrated, e.g. if you have multiple streaming feeds and unable to use udp in order to avoid network problem, the streaming media server will be a wise choice, by using the streaming media server, 2GB data can be processed, it is a user friendly product for small project with 2gb data distribution.

2- Transcoding/ Restreaming

The gear integrated the transcoding function inside, it means you can transcode HLS/ RTSP/ RTMP/ HTTP/ RTP/ SRT into RTMP/ HLS/ UDP/ RTSP push output, and more protocols will be supported, like SRT.

3- HTML preview

We made something special for the server on its preview function that making the plugin on the cloud so the customer can watch feeds on any browser without any local plugins.

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