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SRT implementation

SRT(Secure Reliable Transport)  

  SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), developed by Haivision, a great SECURED, high quality, and low latency protocol for video transmission, perfectly solved the shortage of RTMP- transmitting H.265 feeds over internet, a shining star of the video streaming industry.

  As a leading video streaming hardware developer in China, Haiwei aims to provide innovative solutions for the market, we deployed the SRT for both the encoders and decoders since 2017 when it came to market as an open sources protocol on GitHub.

  After years of development, haiwei has implemented SRT 1.41 for the encoder and decoder side, what's new for the SRT1.41? check it here https://github.com/Haivision/srt/releases/tag/v1.4.1 

  Want more information about our SRT transmission solution? Don't hesitate to drop your email to hansen@hwsxtec.com


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