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  • HaiweiTech B Pro-4G Cellular Bonding Encoder
  • HaiweiTech B Pro-4G Cellular Bonding Encoder
HaiweiTech B Pro-4G Cellular Bonding Encoder HaiweiTech B Pro-4G Cellular Bonding Encoder

HaiweiTech B Pro-4G Cellular Bonding Encoder

  • 1: Cellular Bonding
  • 2. 12* RTMP streaming
  • 3- Video mixing
  • 4- 4K Encoder
  • Product description: HaiweiTech B Pro-4G Cellular Bonding Encoder, Haiwei, Haiwei, Haiwei

HaiweiTech B PRO-4G(Bonding Encoder Pro- 4th Generation), an embedded hardware encoder for outdoor live streaming, video transmission over bonded network.

In order to get smooth bitrate and reliable video transmission in some hostile environments as in the forest or some places where poor signal covered,

HAIWEI developed new generation 4G bonding encoder based on video mixing based hardware architecture, it allows remote video production solution inside a box anywhere.

By virtue of high performance 4K UHD processor, 12* RTMP/s can be distributed based on a single gear.

Considering long time live streaming process one would be required, a dismountable 6400mAh lithium battery made 4 hours outdoor transmission possible.

Production can be easily switched and distributed based on the physical keyboards from 1 to 4 by presetting relevant patterns for each button.

Highlighted features

1- 12* RTMP/S output

New generation brings new possibilities for multiple platforms streaming, the  B PRO-4G embedded a high performance chipset that makes 12* rtmp/s streams can be output simultaneously.

2- Bonding router

The B PRO 4G cellular bonding encoder supports bonding router function, it means the encoder can be used as a router to supply Internet access for

Phone/ other Ethernet hardware.

3-  Video switching

The encoder embedded video mixing function on it, by virtue of this technology, mixing HDMI/ SDI/ IP feeds get its possibility to be achieved within a box.

4- Easy switching
4 different modes can be preset and related to 1 2 3 4 on the right side of the screen, the production can be easily switched while streaming with a single press.

5- Video mixing
4 different feeds can be mixed and output to multiple streaming platforms.

6- Scoreboarding

Score boarding, a function designed for live sports, made the live scoring available without any production software.

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