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  • C2 H2 Video Encoders for video production
  • C2 H2 Video Encoders for video production
C2 H2 Video Encoders for video productionC2 H2 Video Encoders for video production

C2 H2 Video Encoders for video production

  • 1- For video production
  • 2- Encoder Decoder
  • 3- Video mixing
  • 4- Broadcasting encoder
  • Product description: C2 H2 Video Encoders for video production

C2/ H2 Video Encoder Decoders Download full datasheet

 The C2/ H2 encoders are the embedded hardware for point to point interactive transmission solution, emergency communication, video mixing, streaming and recording solutions for education, defense, military, marine, city hall etc.

  The encoders enabled receiving 2 or 8 streams (RTSP, HTTP, HLS, RTMP. RTP, UDP, RTP) and mixing along with 2 channel HDMI sources, then alternatively output via HDMI/ 3.5mm composite Jack, meanwhile, restreaming via a  series of  IP protocol like RTSP over UDP & TCP/ RTMP/ HTTP/ UDP/Unicast/ Multicast/ ONVIF/ P-P (Haiwei proprietary protocol).

  By virtue of Haiwei powered proprietary protocol, the HSC supports directly receive the stream from another Haiwei P-P devices in another network, even another country on the planet without any third-party server.



HEVC/ H.265, AVC H.264 MPEG-4


H.265 main profile, H.264 high/ main/ baseline profile


2* HDMI- Up to 4K 30 (Minimum 320*180)

3.5MM line-in Jack for audio

IP-         C2- Up to 2 IP in

             H2- Up to 8 IP in


           HDMI- Loop through

                         Decoding- RTSP/ RTMP/ UDP/ HTTP/ SDK/ HLS/ P-P

           IP-         HTTP/ HLS/ RTSP over UDP TCP/ RTMP/

                        UDP Unicast Multicast/  ONVIF/ RTP/ P-P/ SRT

           Encoded Resolution:

                          1- C2: Up to 1080P 60, 4K@30 For H2

    2- Manually set up

    3- Under Transcoding and Mixing mode support         up to 1080P@60 for both

Use cases


Interactive communication

Video conferencing

Control center


Video mixing and streaming

Streaming and recording


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