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  • K1S-P HEVC 4K POE Encoder
  • K1S-P HEVC 4K POE Encoder
  • K1S-P HEVC 4K POE Encoder
  • K1S-P HEVC 4K POE Encoder
  • K1S-P HEVC 4K POE Encoder
K1S-P HEVC 4K POE EncoderK1S-P HEVC 4K POE EncoderK1S-P HEVC 4K POE EncoderK1S-P HEVC 4K POE EncoderK1S-P HEVC 4K POE Encoder

K1S-P HEVC 4K POE Encoder

  • 1. POE Encoder
  • 2. 4K Encoder
  • 3. FHD to 4K converter
  • Product description: UHD 4K POE Encoder


About K1S-P 4K POE Encoder

The K1S-P is deep embedded hardware for transmitting video over gigabit network, it’s born for a series of indoor video streaming/ gathering/ processing solution and integration solution.

Amazing UHD: The K1S-P POE 4K HDMI encoder support convert any resolution video (Up to 2160P 30) to UHD 2160P 30FPS, planner 4:2:0 YUV full scale.
Abundant Internet protocol: RTMP/ HTTP/ HLS/ RTSP over TCP or UDP/ RTP/ UDP Unicast Multicast/ ONVIF (optimal SRT/ P-P/ RTMPS), we support OEM proprietary protocol to the system, email us to get quotes
Advanced B frame encoding: The encoder supports B frame output, it makes 50% more compression rate than HEVC compression under main profile
Advanced smooth bitrate encoding: The function for smooth stream/ bitrate, with this arithmetic, the encoder will automatically detecthe video fluctuation, then automatically modify the video bit to make sure the video quality and completenes
POE: For to provide better user experience for the different scenario like CCTV, system integration, we made POE into possible, customer will not need to use the power adapter if the router supports POE
Powerful upward compatible converting: The HAIWEI 4K series Encoder are highly advanced product with video processing technology, it allows convert any video resolution (below or equal to 4K 30) to 4K 30 out over gigabit Ethernet, email us to get online demo

Ⅰ   - HDMI Loop through, LED will turn on if connected

Ⅱ   - POE/ Ethernet port, Yellow- data transporting, Green: connection Wide voltage range 37-56V, POE energy consumption-15W

UTP—Unshielded Twisted Pair and its above level cable suggested for POE

Ⅲ   - LED indicators. RED- Power; Blue indicator Blinking- RTMP/ HLS on;

Blue indicator keep lighting- Network connected

Ⅳ   - HDMI in (V 1.4), LED will turn on if connected

Ⅴ   - Reset to default

Ⅵ   - Line in audio (active source)

Ⅶ   - TF card slot Ⅷ        - Start recording Ⅸ     - 12V Power in


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