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  • HaiweiTech G Pro-5G 5G Encoder
  • HaiweiTech G Pro-5G 5G Encoder
HaiweiTech G Pro-5G 5G EncoderHaiweiTech G Pro-5G 5G Encoder

HaiweiTech G Pro-5G 5G Encoder

  • 1: 5G Encoder
  • 2. 12* RTMP streaming
  • 3- Video mixing
  • 4- 4K Encoder
  • Product description: HaiweiTech g-pro-5g-encoder, 5G encoder, 5G video encoder, 5G media transmission, 5G telecom, Haiwei

HaiweiTech G PRO-5G 5G Encoder is an embedded hardware encoder for outdoor live video streaming, video transmission over advanced 5G network.

High performance 4K UHD processor empowered multi-task processing along with multi channels video mixing, production can be easily produced on the touchable screen,

feeds can be switched based on the physical keyboards from 1 to 4 by presetting relevant patterns for each button, and 12* RTMP/s can be distributed based on single gear.

Considering long-time live streaming process one would be required, a dismountable 6700mAh lithium battery made 3 hours outdoor transmission possible.

Highlighted features

1- Cutting-edge 5G technology

The encoder embedded the Qualcomm SDX55 5G module, the encoder can be used in EU or USA without change a thing.

2- 12* RTMP/S output

New generation brings new possibilities for multiple platforms streaming, the  B PRO-4G embedded a high performance chipset that makes 12* rtmp/s streams can be output simultaneously.

3-  Video switching

The encoder embedded video mixing function on it, by virtue of this technology, mixing HDMI/ SDI/ IP feeds get its possibility to be achieved within a box.

4- Easy switching

4 different modes can be preset and related to 1 2 3 4 on the right side of the screen, the production can be easily switched while streaming with a single press.

5- Video mixing
4 different feeds can be mixed and output to multiple streaming platforms.

6- Scoreboarding

Score boarding, a function designed for live sports, made the live scoring available without any production software.