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What Is Video Capture Card?

What Is Video Capture Card?

Video capture card is a video signal processing device with a video input interface, which can transmit the processed video signal to a computer notebook. There are built-in and external types.

Simply put, video capture card is a device used to help stream PC and console games and record high-quality video.

The built-in capture card is a capture card that needs to be installed on the PCI-E expansion interface. After installation, you can connect the SDI or HDMI high-definition camera output interface with the corresponding video cable to the capture card, and then you can use the computer to check out the video content.

The external capture card is also called a USB capture card, so this live capture card has two video interfaces, a video input interface, and a USB video output interface, of which the video input interface is used to connect the video output of the high-definition camera. Usually the HDMI high-definition camera can be connected to the HDMI input interface of the HDMI capture card USB 3.0, and then the USB output interface can be connected to the USB interface of the computer or notebook. Usually, the USB capture card can be used without installing the driver, so compared with the built-in capture card, it is more convenient and more suitable for notebook use.

What Is The Function Of Video Capture Card?

Live streaming:

For example, when a game host needs to use a mobile phone to live broadcast a mobile game, use a video capture + type-c to HDMI interface conversion cable. One end is connected to a mobile phone, and the other end is connected to a computer or laptop to assist in live broadcast, supporting various types of mobile games, such as King of Glory, Peace Elite, etc., which is also compatible with major live broadcast platforms.

It can also be used for dual-computer live broadcast: one computer to play games, and one computer to broadcast the game situation, and the high-definition live broadcast will not freeze or drop frames.

In addition to mobile phones and computers, a capture box can also be used for live broadcast of game consoles, supporting a variety of game devices with HDMI interfaces, such as (PS4/Xbox/NS/switch...)

Recording and collection with professional live broadcast software:

With professional live broadcast software OBS to record video collection, such as common video conferences, distance education training, medical inspection collection, etc. It can also be used for connection between set-top boxes and notebooks.

Application of Video Capture Card

Our video capture card support the capture and output of ultra-high-definition video signals, which can make the live video picture with higher resolution, higher definition and better picture quality. In turn, it is more in line with the needs of high-standard and high-demand webcasting.

At present, in addition to online video live broadcast, video capture cards can be used in games related to live broadcast, telemedicine, video conferencing, etc.


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