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What is NDI

Network Device Interface (NDI) is a software specification developed by the technology company NewTek that enables high-definition video to be delivered, received, and communicated over a computer network in a low-latency, high-quality manner. The specification is royalty-free and allows for frame accurate switching, making it suitable for use in live production environments.


NDI works by using a client-server architecture. The server component, also known as an "NDI source," captures audio and video from a device and streams it over the network. The client component, called an "NDI sink," receives the streaming media and displays it on the connected device. To establish a connection between the server and client, both devices must have the NDI software installed and be configured to communicate with each other.


The NDI protocol is based on UDP (User Datagram Protocol), which allows for low-latency and high-bandwidth data transmission. It uses a combination of port numbers and multicast group addresses to ensure reliable delivery of audio and video streams. NDI also supports various codecs and video formats, enabling compatibility with a wide range of devices and applications.


What is the NDI protocol?

NDI is a standard protocol for ultra-low latency, lossless transmission, and interactive control over IP networks;

The biggest feature in NDI protocol is that NDI video transmission can “get rid of“ traditional HDMI and SDI cables.

NDI protocol provides ultra low latency (almost real time), lossless transmission, and two-way control.

After the NDI encoding, the audio and video signals can transmit and receive multiple broadcast quality signals in real time through the IP network, and have the characteristics of low delay, accurate frame video, mutual recognition and communication of data streams.

It simplifies the construction of the system and the transmission and call of various signals in the system in a new form of network application layer, which makes the system design, integration, application and maintenance become simpler and more flexible.

Enables compatible video products to communicate, transmit and receive broadcast-quality video in a high-quality, low-latency, frame-accurate manner, making it ideal for switching in live production environments.

NDI supports an access mechanism that allows manual entry of the IP address of a computer on a different subnet running the NDI source.


What is NDI HX?

NDI HX is another version of NDI which has been enhanced to broaden a whole new world of devices using built-in h.264 compression chips. This will eventually allow more hardware devices to support the NDI standard. The spotlight of NDI HX is the low bandwidth requirements that allow users on simple Gigabit networks the ability to host multiple video streams without tying up to much network traffic.  

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