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  • HaiweiTech K7 ultra mini encoder
HaiweiTech K7 ultra mini encoder

HaiweiTech K7 ultra mini encoder

  • 1: Mini Encoder
  • 2: SDI Encoder
  • 2: CVBS Encoder
  • Product description: HaiweiTech K7 Encoder, HDMI Encoder, military encoder, video encoder

HaiweiTech K7 Ultra Mini Encoder, a compact and highly embedded hardware encoder for integration required scenarios like Military, Emergency communication, Measurement, Defense and so forth.

We deeply understand what does the dimension and the performance mean for the system integration, K7 was the offspring of this idea. We sized its size 60* 40* 8 mm and used a high performance chipset for the encoder board to make 1080P@60 input and output possible while we remained pin for the most of interfaces, such as rs485, power, IO, GND, and LAN port.

It allows delivering FHD SDI video or Composite signal (up to 720*576) and output an IP signal over 100M port, RTSP over UDP & TCP/ RTMP/ HTTP/UDP Unicast Multicast/ ONVIF/ RTP/ HLS/ SRT/ RTMPS supported by default, private protocol can be implemented as well.