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Guidance to choose the Encoder

Guidance to choose the Encoder

  • Product description: Guidance to choose the Encoder

It is critical to choose right Encoder for the right project, especially for some harsh environment, like using the encoder in the forest, which implemented poor signal; Or in the high-temperature area like in the desert, or in the cold area like in the Arctic… and so forth

Here we will introduce the product from different factors, let’s start!

1. Interface

Surely, HDMI sources should use HDMI Encoder, but for HDMI, there are some more factors to check before purchasing, for example, HDCP Version, EDID Version (Especially Go Pro camera), HDMI version, resolution, and so forth…

For the SDI, transmission speed should be considered, for example, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI or even 12G-SDI…

If you not sure which one to use, U10 series (HDMI SDI VGA CVBS YPBPR DVI-D) can be of help for your workflow because of its abundant interface for inputting!

Suggested keyword for product searching: HDMI encoder, SDI encoder, CVBS encoder, VGA encoder, YPBPR encoder, DVI Encoder.

2. Use case

In this sector, the scenario of the application should be considered, here are some instances.

For IPTV or some 24/ 7/ 365 scenarios, Cooling system and stability should be considered as the most important elements, which may involve redundant power supply, heat conduction, the stability of the encoder hw, sw, protocol and so forth. Then encoding standard and bandwidth and so forth.

1-     Stability and cooling system- To some extent, cooling system would affect the performance of the encoder, thus, faulty cooling system would be fatal for the business.

2-     Redundant Power- An element we used to ignore, but truly important for machine room work, especially in some underdeveloped or developing countries with unstable power supply, it may save your property from the accident. All 3U design of HAIWEI support redundant power supply, you can think about the 3RU design if care about the problem of unstable electricity supply!

3-     Bandwidth- Bandwidth, key element of the video quality because the video bitrate depends on the upload bandwidth of the network, in general, under H.264 1080P 30FPS, 2 Mb/s to 4 Mb/s considered, or even higher if upload bandwidth your network has. If B frame supported, you are allowed to lower the bitrate, want more suggestion? don’t hesitate to contact us!

Suggested keyword for product searching: 4Ch, 8ch, 16ch

For live streaming, most of us thinking of Portability or flexibility, or some small function to meet the requirements for the events.

1-     Portability- if you want to mount the encoder on your camera, Hot shoe could ease the workflow, like following instance

2-     Flexibility- Considering the different chassis and different machine in the events, and uncertainty of the video source, special case or special bundle could be an extendible solution to assure the project smoothly performing, U10 were made under this argument!

3-     Streaming and recording- Recording became more and more important for streaming host, but there are many different method to record feeds for the encoder, SW or HW or USB or SATA, if this is critical for your project, don't forget to consult if the product meet your requirement!

Suggested keyword for product searching: WiFi, 4G, battery, HDMI, sdi,  VGA, CVBS, ypbpr, DVI, bonding encoder.

3.   Protocol

Different protocol would be required under different scenarios, for example, if you want to care more about the mobile user, HTTP or HLS may be considered…

Each platform has its traits in the different protocol, choosing the best match could easy the workflow or make it more effective.

Special Protocol- Different protocosl emerged under booming technology, SRT, NDI, EVC, JPEG2000, MJPEG, RTMPS… It could be crucial for your workflow, for example, SRT for point to point secure transmission, NDI for wireless transmission, JPEG2000 for low latency and lossless transmission, RTMPS for Facebook live streaming, and so forth…

4.   Extendibility

It is a topic for system integrator, which used to integrate the product for different industries, SDK or API could be important for their workflow no matter to ingest the encoder or add something (Protocol/ remote control and so forth), we provide full SDK and API of the encoder and decoder, you can download it on https://www.hw-iptv.com/Resources.html or ask us for latest SDK or API.

Wanna more information and more suggestion? Don’t hesitate to send us an email hansen@hw-iptv.com!