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5G Encoder coming soon

What is 5G Encoder?

5G- 5th generation of cellular networks, is one of the most advanced and hot technology around us, it brings ultra fast speed of data connection/ transmission, and the technology can benefit many industries like video streaming, driverless car, aerospace, and so forth by virtue of its ultra low latency which benefit by its speed.

What are differences between SA and NSA mode?

-NSA is extremely low in cost compared to SA.

-NSA eases 5G network deployments as it reuses existing 4G facilities, thus allowing rapid time to market for 5G mobile broadband.

-With NSA, the deployment is faster and time-to-market is lower, as 4G locations can be used to install 5G radio. SA requires building 5G base stations and the back-end 5G core network to fully realize the characteristics and functions of 5G.

-SA involves a 5G core with SBA for scalability and flexibility to deliver a superfast network with ultra-low latency for advanced 5G use cases.

HAIWEI's 5G encoder

 As one of the leader in the manufacturing of streaming hardware in China, haiwei has had developed its 5G encoder based on Qualcomm's 5G module and high performance hisilicon processor, and already got feedback from our partners in China, it will soon benefit overseas market, wanna more information? don't hesitate to talk to us


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