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HD video acquisition card development present situation and the main function of technical analysis

With the continuous development of information technology, computer technology is introduced into video acquisition, video processing field, and processed by computer video information and use the digital video data transmission has been widely used in many areas, high-definition video acquisition card rapid development.

      Development status of video capture cards.

Video capture is also called a video card, in accordance with its purpose can be divided into broadcast-quality video capture card, a professional-grade video capture card, civilian-level video capture card. Most video capture cards with hardware compression function, video signal to compress the video signal on the card first, and then via the PCI interface on the compressed video data is transferred to the host. General grabber intra-frame compression algorithm is used to store digital video into AVI files, high-end video capture card (hard pressure card) can compress digital video data collected directly into MPEG-1 format files.

With the continuous development of information technology, computer technology into video capture, video processing, computer processing the video information and digital transmission of video data in many areas it has been widely used. The high-definition video capture card is not just distance education and training notes, or really a universal cradle era meeting.
      In the mobile Internet era, the majority of our users have entered the era of information industry, high-definition video capture card for a chance to get great promise universal applications.


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