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The H264 encoder with the advantages of which a few respects?

H264 encoder is currently the most widely used a high-definition video coding equipment, quality first-class H264 encoder by adopting advanced compression technology that can make the compressed video image to keep good hd effect, so in the market for everyone spoke highly of. So what are the advantages of the H264 encoder?

1, the higher quality video more clearly

In the video image compressing, H264 encoder to different size and shape of the macro block segmentation, and then fixed specifications for every small pixel motion compensation, macro blocks and small pieces of motion compensation mode can fully improve the processing performance of sports details, so can effectively reduce the video appear square effect, so that the compressed video image quality is higher.

2, save rate smaller bandwidth

Everyone knows the video transmission is to occupy a certain bandwidth, while the H264 encoder on video compression, adopted is less than half pixel accuracy motion estimation, so under the condition of the same precision, than any other type of encoder for smaller pixel accuracy motion estimation ?

3, high compression rate smoother picture
Because the H264 encoder has a high compression ratio, but because of adopting the advanced motion compensation technology, so while a high compression rate but does not affect image quality effect, can provide you with high quality video images are guaranteed, so sharply reduce bandwidth utilization rate at the same time, so not only download is less and more economic significance.
Thus the H264 encoder is indeed a very good video coding equipment. But it is important to note that if you need to use this kind of coding equipment, then choose reliable performance H264 encoder to use, so as to ensure that in the case of can sharply reduce bandwidth can also have a clearer, smoother compressed images.


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