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Launched industry leading all-interface H.265 encoder

Haiwei vision released the newest H.265 encoder

In March 2015, HAIWEI video released to the market of the industry's latest 265 Gao Qingquan interface HDMI/VGA/AV/YPBPR/SDI (ring), high-definition video encoder has five kinds of interface, basic covers the various project needs of customers, and the picture, working performance and coding efficiency are greatly improved, ahead of their peers.

Reverse - shenzhen sea technology co., LTD. The main products are in the field of image coding and transmission of hd, high-definition video decoder, video encoder 4 g wireless video encoders, such as support HDMI/SDI/VGA/CVBS/DVI/YPBPR hd broadcast encoders, support android/APP/three stream real-time preview, support 4 g / 1/4 road / 8/16 multi-track architecture, support portable / 1 u / 2 u, 3 u service Implement, full agreement/HLS/SDK, most complete product model in the industry, to live platform, hotel, hospital, school, education broadcast live video projects related to provide perfect decoding solution.


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