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P-P/ P2P Transmission

  • Product description: A HAIWEI proprietary protocol that based on the Pass-Through Technology

The P-P/ P2P is a HAIWEI proprietary protocol that based on the Pass-Through Technology, it enables directly sending feeds to P-P server and then forward it to another dedicated device, the workflow like above figure

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1-      Q: How many connections can be handled?

A: At most five online transmission can be simultaneously handled.

2-      Q: Where is the server located?

A: The dedicated server is a cloud server based in Shenzhen, but the transmission effect can be promised because of edge computing technology.

3-      Q: Why doesn’t it work?

A: To make the function works, the first step is to make sure the network environment is working properly, and both the Encoder and Decoder are properly configured.


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