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Video Mixing

Video Mixing

  • 1- Multi-camera production
  • 2- USB recording
  • 3- PPT recording
  • 4- Lecture capturing
  • Product description: Video Mixing for multiple camera production

What are our video mixing functions?

We started our work on the video mixing since 2019, here are the lists of our development

2019- U10 Encoder decoder for 1* HDMI/ CVBS/ VGA/ YPBPR/ DVI-D+ 1* SDI+ 2* IP 

2020- H2 Encoder for 2* 4K HDMI+ 4* IP mixing 

2021- Bonding encoder and 5g encoder for 1* HDMI+ 1* SDI+ 2* IP mixing

2021- 4G encoder lite and 5G encoder lite for 1*HDMI/ SDI+ 1* IP

Real effect from the H2 encoder

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